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When Your Facial Expression Says It All

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A headshot is a tightly cropped image that focuses on the face. Headshots fill a frame from the collarbone on up or slightly lower. They may even crop the top of the head. Expression and energy are especially important in a headshot because the focus remains squarely on the face. Headshots are great for Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. (Typically LinkedIn headshots are cropped at a 1×1 ratio, with the height and width equal length.) Both headshot and portrait photography services are available at the in-house Lombard, IL studio.


When the Full View Matters, Too

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Portraits show a bit more than a subject’s face. They are not all shot or cropped alike, however. A portrait might show a 3/4, full, or classic 8×10 view shot from the chest up. (Many model and actor headshots are shot or cropped as 8x10s and captured from the waist on up.) Headshot and portrait sessions are available for slightly more than the standard headshot only session – $299. They are great for those who want the most flexibility in session choices. Regardless of which you choose, both types of photoshoots allow clients to receive one retouched image with the following digital deliverables and usage licensing:

  • One 1024 short side (SS) optimized digital sRGB JPG licensed for social media (watermarked)
  • One SS optimized digital sRGB JPG licensed for corporate websites (no watermark)
  • One digital AdobeRGB JPG licensed for use at professional print houses (no watermark)
  • One SS optimized cropped sRGB JPG licensed for LinkedIn (1×1) (no watermark) 
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